Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok. I have to tell you what happened tonight.

I went out the hammock with Sploches at about 10:30pm. Nice, warm night. So we're sitting comfortably and along comes a skunk. I don't say "Mr. Skunk", as this one didn't feel familiar to me.

The skunk strolled towards us. Then he noticed we were there and turned to face us, tail slightly raised. Sploch purred in my lap.
I was still and quiet, though my heart was beating faster. I said softly, "Oh! Welcome Skunk. It's ok. It's only us. Go on, you're welcome."

He sniffed at us, lowered his head, and resumed his sniffing around. We could hear him behind us in the corner. I prayed Smooch wouldn't show up. I asked the Skunk mentally to refrain from spraying on my property. Well, it's a chance you take. Ever neat!

Then about thirty minutes later a possum showed up!!! Not the same one as last year (we missed him); This one seems younger. He strolled up to us and I said, "Hello Possum! Welcome." He ran up the west garden.

And the 'coons are out carousing.