Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice and Raccoons

A gift from the Mother tonight. Happy Summer Solstice!

I sat out back with a glass of wine tonight. Of course, I ignored the voice in my head saying, grab the camera. And guess who should show up but FOUR new baby raccoons! Practicing climbing in the tree. Looks like Cracker is a mama! She climbed down and chirrp'd at them. It sounded to me like, Stay put. Sploch & I watched as one baby painstakingly made his way down the tree to the patio, then around the tree and down the yard to follow. So cute! I've missed little baby raccoon sounds. He purred for her the whole time.

That's when I went inside for the camera. Three more babies climbed to the crook of the tree. One at a time. They chirruped for a bit, looking for their family. We heard a squeek from Cracker, and the babies climbed back up to bed.

Baby raccoon one:


And three.

Elle reminded me to leave out milk for the faeries, so I did. :)