Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where are all the flowers?

My work friend visited my blog and said, "Where are all your flower pictures?" There's not much yet; we spent most of our garden budget this year on dirt and shrubs. But here's a bit of what we've got so far...

White bleeding hearts (the pink ones have dropped their blooms), Clematis "Snow Queen",Some daisy-like flower (I forget the name), Hydrangea "Endless Summer", And some pretty pink roses, special because they were Steve's Dad's, bless his heart (lots more on roses to come!). Here's one of my favourite shots of the dry creek from the back corner. That's a rhododendron "catawbiense" that we (Steve) finally put in the ground today.

Now I want to spend more money on perennials. Maybe I'll grow a money tree.